1. We can remove your outdated or under designed firebox Masonry or Manufactured style firebox
2. Install a more efficient RUMFORD STYLE masonry box
3. Set up the box with Cooking over the fireplace options
4. Install a Log Lighter to assist in trouble free wood starting
5. Instruct on how to use the new box on Red Burn Days of the winter
6. Install a new Fireplace Surround to your design

Please contact Martin Speters Construction for a Bid ,Thank you. Martin

Martin Speters Construction & Masonry specializes in setting up your fireplace for cooking inside or out and also building inside kitchen cook centers and outside BBQ cook centers.


Brick Fireplace That Smokes


Brick Fireplace That Smokes

1953 Brick Fireplace
That Smokes

New Rumford Style with red sandstone front and you can cook on the fireplace. Also a Pizza Oven to the right 30″

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Utah Masonry Council

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